Team Camp Reminder

It is highly recommended for any student going into 7th-12th grade to attend our team camp (jr. high team camp or high school team camp). This is a great opportunity to gain some insight into how we play our style of soccer. Please click the link for more information.–> TEAM CAMP


To get information about tryouts, etc you need to be on the home page.

Click here–> Then you can click on the summer training information, tryout information and camp information tabs on the right side of this page. Sorry if I confused any of you about this in my previous post. Thanks. -Coach


Great turnout yesterday for spring open field training! It was good to see so many of you! The hard work I observed was admirable.

The commitment and discipline piece needs to be improved. Example: Commit yourself and discipline yourself to improving your fitness. Running 10-12 100 yard sprints with a 1 minute rest between each sprint will help you. Doing this  2x a week will produce results. Is this hard? YES! This requires discipline and dealing with discomfort. Another example: When you are playing you must discipline yourself not to turn or play the ball into pressure or even worse turning right into an opponent! Commit to knowing what you will do with the ball before you get it. Be aware of your surroundings. Discipline yourself to play this way. Another example: Commit yourself to playing small sided keep away games with some teammates. This will require discipline. Give something up so you can do this.

It will be evident if you are doing this by how I see you play. You are either getting better or getting worse.

In observance of Good Friday there will be NO open field play Friday 4/14. We will resume the following Friday 4/21.

Summer training information, tryout information and team camp information is now available. Click on the tabs on the right side of this page for more information.

If you are not taking things seriously it will be obvious in how you play and act. I will not tolerate certain behaviors like I have in the past. It is time for us to be great!

Onward! – Coach






Friday 4/7

Following after school weight training (2:50-3:20) players will have an opportunity to scrimmage on the grass field by Comet Field from 3:30-4:30. Players not participating in a Spring sport are expected to attend. Attendance will be taken. DISCIPLINE-HARD WORK-COMMITMENT!

summer league

There are at least 8 players who have given a verbal commitment to play in the Red Rose summer league. We need at least 10-12 players to form a team. If anyone else is interested please contact Candice Sing at                              This is a great training opportunity.


Great turn out for futsal this past month! It was good to see everyone.

Remember the 3 things it takes to be successful:
How well you and I apply these 3 principles will determine how good we will become this season.

As we head towards Spring remember to get into the weight room 2x/week. Make sure you sign in. The weight room isn’t for everyone. Then again, neither is playing time or winning.

Starting in April and ending in May we will get together every Friday from approximately 3:30-4:30 for some brief but intense scrimmaging on the grass field next to the Comet turf field.

If anyone is interested in playing in a high school soccer summer league please read the attachment–> hssummerleague

If you are interested, e-mail me and I will compile a list. Cost will be divided evenly among players who sign up.

Onward!! -Coach